Arvind Kejriwal attacked in Lucknow, UP

Arvind Kejriwal was attacked in a public meeting in Jhulelal park in Lucknow on Tuesday evening. A person attempted to assault Kejriwal by hurling a shoe at him. The attacker has been identified as Jitendra Pathak, he is from Jalon, Uttar Pradesh.
This was the second attack on Team Anna. Just a week ago Prashant Bhushan was bean up inside his Supreme Court chamber by activists of the Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena for his remarks on Kashmir. Kejriwal last week claimed that he has been informed of threats against him and that his office may be attacked. Kejriwal said that he received a number of calls from his "friends in media", including a top journalist with a TV news channel, that he may be attacked.


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