Seven billionth baby Nargis Born in Dhanaur near Lucknow, UP

The seven billionth baby is a girl child named Nargis, born to Ajay and Veenita Yadav of Dhanaur village in Mall block on the outskirts of Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh.Nargis was chosen as the symbolic seven billionth baby by child rights NGO, Plan India. Plan India Executive Director Bhagyashri Dengle said: "We chose UP to mark the birth of the seven billionth baby as the state accounts not only for the highest number of births but also for the highest number of 'missing girls'. By celebrating the birth of a girl as the seven billionth baby we are drawing attention to the serious issue of India's declining sex ratio." With a population bigger than that of Brazil, UP has just 899 girls for every 1,000 boys.
Kumar is a small farmer, Vinita is a housewife. Both parents are school dropouts and Nargis is their first child. Nargis was born at around 7.20am at the Community Health Centre (CHC) in Mal — about 30 kilometres from Lucknow. Weighing around three kilos at the time of birth, Nargis was accorded a "symbolic" status of the seventh billionth baby of the world.


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