Mayawato to start campaigns today from Sitapur

Uttar Pradesh(UP) Chief Minister and BSP chief Mayawati will finally start her campaign in UP today, February 1 from Sitapur, Barabanki, Ambedkar nagar and faizabad with addressing rally meanwhile Congress chief Sonia Gandhi will also join the UP Election battle today with start of her campaign in UP. The UP chief minister has addressed several rallies in Punjab and Uttarakhand where polls end this monday.
Mayawati’s biggest handicap is that she is the sole star campaigners in the BSP and, therefore, faces a paucity of time when it comes to covering all the 403 constituencies in UP. She will be addressing one meeting in each district and will be covering two to three districts every day. BSP general secretary Satish Misra has already started campaigning from January 15 but his meetings are restricted mainly to upper caste-dominated constituencies. BSP campaign so far has been spearheaded by the national general secretary Satish Mishra, who started addressing rallies just after Mayawati's birthday on January 15. So lets see how "Dance of Politics" runs in upcoming days when two most powerful woman will be in battlefield.


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