Rahul Gandhi will run UP govt by remote control - Prakash Jaiswal

Congress campaign chief in Uttar Pradesh Sri Prakash Jaiswal said Rahul Gandhi will run the government in Uttar Pradesh by remote control, irrespective of who became the chief minister. Talking to reporters, Jaiswal said "Whoever becomes the CM (if Congress comes to power), the remote will be in Rahulji's hands,' the coal minister said in New Delhi, a day after an impressive 64 per cent turnout in the first phase of the state assembly elections for 55 seats in 10 districts. When prodded, he added: 'Rahulji has made his promises to the people. Fulfilling the promises will be the responsibility of whoever becomes CM.'
Congress sources tried to explain what Jaiswal meant. According to them, the minister was suggesting that Rahul - the party's general secretary and Youth Congress in-charge - will take special care of the governance of the state and would personally monitor the developments. Jaiswal exuded confidence about the Congress forming the next government in UP - all on its own. 'We are getting more than 200 seats in the 403-member House and will form the government,' he said, adding that Rahul will then look into the functioning of the state.


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