Why Rahul is silent on Corruptions in UPA - Shahnawaz Hussain

Bharatiya Janata Party today asked Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi whether the present Manmohan Singh government was his ideal or not. ''Rahul, his sister Priyanka and other Congress leaders are promising people to return the 22-year-rule in the state but are afraid of mentioning the achievements of the present UPA-2 government except for the MNREGA,'' said BJP national spokesperson Shahnawaz Hussain here. Addressing a press conference, he said, ''Rahul, Priyanka and other leaders are not mentioning the corruption of the UPA-2 but want to take the state in the reverse gear of 1989.'' It is surprising that for MNREGA they are patting their backs while for the 2G scam they are blaming the BJP. People know the fact and they will teach this party a lesson in the elections, he claimed.
Meanwhile Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi today said the party would not go for anyBpost-poll alliance in Uttar Pradesh whether the party wins or loses. 'I make it amply clear that the party will not go for any alliance in any case after the UP polls for the formation of the next government,' Mr Gandhi said while addressing election meetings. But Mr. Shahnawaz Hussain asked billion dollar question Whether Present UPA Government is his Ideal or not... ... ... ?


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