Facebook blocked in Aligarh Muslim University (AMU)

Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) has blocked Facebook on the campus, claiming that the content posted on the website could hurt religious sentiments. “This has been done keeping in mind the objectionable posts related to Islam on Facebook. It hurts the religious sentiments of Muslims and may flare up passions,’’ said university spokesperson Rahat Abrar. Interestingly, Abrar himself has a Facebook account. While the order to block the site was issued nearly a fortnight back, there was no official announcement. Students were informed that Facebook had been blocked only when they made queries after the site did not open in the departments. Jasim Mohammad, president of the central university research scholars association, termed the decision as a “curtailment” on their personal freedom. “Facebook is not only an entertainment medium, but helps us remain connected with research scholars abroad. This is a Talibani diktat by the administration,” he said.
Sources said the decision may have been prompted by the use of Facebook by students for mobilising opinion against the university administration on various issues. There is an AMU community account on Facebook which uploads all news related to the university. Last year, when the university saw protests following the death of a student, the AMU community launched a “remove V-C” campaign on Facebook.


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