UP has 60% vacant posts in police

Uttar Pradesh (UP) has an overwhelming vacancy of 60 per cent in its police force against the country average of 25 per cent even as it recorded the highest number of crime cases in any state in India.The police force of the north Indian state have only 1,49,168 personnel out of the 3,68,260 sanctioned posts as on January 1, 2011. Uttar Pradesh has registered the highest number of crime cases (22,87,799 cases) in India. Out of the 22,87,799 cases, 4401 were murder cases.
The north Indian state has also registered the highest number of crime cases against Schedules Castes. Apart from Uttar Pradesh, other Indian states that have failed to fill up their police forces include Andhra Pradesh, Bihar and Gujarat. The figures on January 1 , 2011 showed India had an average 25 per cent vacancy in its all police forces with 5,01,069 vacant posts against the total sanctioned number of 20,64,370 posts.


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