Baba Jai Gurudev passes away

Spritual Guru Baba Jai Gurudev died at his ashram in Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh(UP) after a prolonged illness. Baba was said to be 116-year-old. Baba was suffering from a lung disease from last 12 days.  He was in  intensive care at Medanta Hospital of gurgaon till friday. However, after some improvement in his condition, Baba was discharged as he expressed desire to be in his ashram. Agency reports said that the body of the Baba would be kept in the ashram for people to pay tribute before cremation on Saturday.
Baba's original name was Tulsi Das and has been  propagating the message of spirituality since 1952. He has millions of followers all over the world. He was also jailed during emergency period in 1975. Jai Gurudev was the name used by Sri Tulsidas ji Maharaj, a religious leader in northern India, who died at the age of 116 years on 18-May-2012 at 10.30 IST at Mathura . Followers of the guru believe that Jai Gurudev is the name of God and revere the guru as a saint.


  1. Jaigurudev jauigurudev jaigurudev

    to all and every soul in any form

    may this highly elevated soulin whatsoever form guide to mankind forever to ultmate aim of humanity as he did while in living in physical form


    1. Kamal nath jhapateMay 19, 2012 at 8:27 PM

      hamare guru sda hamare shath hai jo sarwagy hai sanatan hai Ashe guru ji ko mara koti koti naman

    2. Kamalnath JhapateMay 19, 2012 at 8:32 PM

      Sant Baba jai guru dev Aap ka satsang Aaj bhai hame rasta dikhga dhany hai hamare guru ji

  2. Baba Jai Guru Dev hamesha hamare sath the, hai aur rahenge.

    jai guru dev...

  3. jai guru dev maharaj you are always remember.
    you are the god of kalyug

  4. mrityunjay pathak, chapraMay 19, 2012 at 2:00 PM

    jai gurudev,jai gurudev,jai gurudev,,, shocked after knowing that we have lost our god but babaji is always with us jai gurudev


  6. oh!!!!! god ye tune kya kiya
    jai gurudev baba is the LORD of kalug.
    i have lost of my GOD.but he is always with me.
    !!jai gurudev naam prabhu ka!!
    * jab tak suraj chand rahega
    jai gurudev ka naam rahega *

  7. JaiGurudev Swami Jee Aap ki Yad Aate hi Aankho me Aansu Aa Ja Rahe Hai, Gurujee Aap hum Longo pr Apni Daya Mehar Banaye Rakhiyega.
    Prem Se Bolo JaiGurudev.
    Rakesh Shukla

  8. baba jay guru dev ke leye me bhagavan se me benti karta hu ke guru dev dubara se hamare mathura me janam mele

  9. jay guru dev jay guru dev jay guru dev jay guru dev jay guru dev jay guru dev jay guru dev jay guru dev jay guru dev jay guru dev jay guru dev jay guru dev jay guru dev jay guru dev jay guru dev jay guru dev jay guru dev jay guru dev jay guru dev jay guru dev BABA JI KA NUR HAI AKHO ME BACHAN HAI SASO ME YAD HAI JABAN PAR DEN KATIGE TASVIR SE

  10. With tears in my nice eays, We are missing to our respected lord shree Jaigurudev ji Maharaj. Jaigurudev Nam prabhu Ka. Jai Guruedv...............................................................................

  11. Babaji ne jo cheej hamen di hai voh sabse uttam hai.Ve hamare man men pran men aur dil men hai jise ham kabhi bhool nahi sakate.
    Satya Prakash

  12. Jai Guru Dev...Swami ji is infused in our blood. we have to follow his preaching and ways to liberate our soul-This is the goal or objective taught by Baba Jai Guru Dev. He always taught the mankind the path of compassion and mercy not only for human being but also for animals in absolute terms irrespective of religion or gender. Liberation of his soul is the biggest loss for mankind which can never be filled.
    Though I participated in last rituals still it is hard to believe that he is no more with us in bodily form.
    It is time for all of us( disciples ) to remain united and undistracted from the path shown by our Swami Ji.
    Last Jai Guru Dev Naam Prabhu Ka . Guru Dev Naam Prabhu Ka. Guru Dev Naam Prabhu Ka. Guru Dev Naam Prabhu Ka…….

  13. Jai guru dev Nam prabhu ka, babaji ko sat sat pranam.babaji amer hai. hamare rakhwale babaji.Ham babaji ki chatra chaya me hai. VED PRAKASH VERMA

  14. hmasha jai gurudev ki krapa hmesha hmare oopr bni rhe

  15. i love jai guru dev naam prabhu ka. but i don't understand why are they fighting just for money.
    in this woarld nothing is more than jaigurudev.just belive on him he will give anlimited but don't hurt him by useless fighting.
    esa lgta hai ye log sirf maya se pyar krte hai malik se nahi

  16. "JAI GURU DEV" It's wrong to say/claim that PP Swamiji was died on 18th of May 2012. He's still alive. Fake/ artificial(so called)death of PP Swamiji was a high-tech drama under a conspiracy to loot the assets /property of his ashram. He was admitted in Medanta Hospital by Pankaj group to kill Swamiji. But Swamiji was evacuated safely from the hospital by his well-wishers/freedom fighters. Swamiji was seen publicly in Mahakubh Prayag Allahabad on 11th & 13th of January 2013 and at so may places by his devotees. Whosoever interested to see the evidences may visit to my Facebook: (DrVIKRAMDEV SHARMA)and may ask the evidence by mail: and may talk on my cellphone: 9919883533. He is completely healthy (with sound health) than earlier. He'l leave this world after fulfilling his commitment to bring Satyug in Kaliyug.. Other proclamations- bringing back black money from abroad(deposited by corrupt leaders), to build Bharat Golden Lion & World leader(vishwaguru), to bring UNO in Bharat, to remove poverty & bring prosperity etc. Many more forecasting r to be completed. He had assured several times that after completing his commitments, he'l leave the material world, whether , he would live more than 400-500 yrs in the same body. --DrVDS "KRANTIVIR"

  17. "जय गुरु देव" !!दानवी आहार मांसाहार का परित्याग कर शुद्ध शाकाहारी व् व्नाशामुक्त सदाचारी बने !! मांसाहारी मनवा परतछ राछस अंग , ! तिनकी सांगत न करो परत भजन में भंग.!! वेश्या, धीमर और शिकारी ! नृप विषयी अरु मांसाहारी!! इन घर भोजन कराइ जो सांता ! साधन भजन का हो जय अंता!!
    टिल भर मच्छी खाय के कोटि गु दे दान कशी करवट ले मुए तबहू नरक निदान. .-- (सतगुरु कबीर)

  18. "जय गुरु देव" पटना की ऐतिहासिक “हुंकार रैली” में ७ सीरियल ब्लास्ट्स मोदी जी को जान से मरने की साजिश ! चुल्लू भर पानी में डूब मरे केंद्र व् बिहार की देश द्रोहियों की कथित सरकारें! साजिशों में खान्ग्रेस व् खान्ग्रेसी एजेंट(दलाल) नितीश का हाथ/साथ.मोदी जी द्वारा भोंदू / पप्पू को अपने भाषणों में शहजादा कहे जाने पे देशद्रोहियों ने मोदी जी को २ दिन में चुप कराने की धमकी दी थी, तभी अहसास ही नहीं पूर्ण विश्वास हो गया था कि मोदी जी के खिलाफ कोई बड़ी साजिश (जान से मरने क़ी) रची जा रही . जैसा कि पटना में मानव बम मिलने क़ी पुष्टि हुई है. हम तो हमशा से कहते रहे हैं कि ये खान्ग्रेस कोई राजनितिक दल/ पार्टी नहीं है ये तो देशद्रोही, लुटेरे, अपराधियों, आतंकवादियों, बलात्कारियों का गिरोह है. इसीलिए बापू जी (गाँधी महात्मा), लोहिया व् जयप्रकाश जी ने खान्ग्रेस मुक्त भारत बनाने का अभियान चलाया था. अब तो आम खास सभी देशवासियों को भारत माता की सौगंध दिलाना चाहूँगा कि वे २०१४ के लोक सभा चुनावों में खान्ग्रेस मुक्त भारत बनाने हेतु मोदी जी को ऐसा वोट करें कि खान्ग्रेस व् उसके दलाल/ समर्थक /पार्टनर गिरोहों को एक भी सीट की बोहनी न हो. "वन्देमातरम" "वन्दे-गो-मातरम" ----- स्वदेशी क्रांतिवीर