UP to get Monsoon rain this week

Uttar Pradesh(UP) state Met department predicted favorable conditions for further advance of the monsoon currents in UP and if all goes well, then monsoon would hit the state in the next 48 hours. In Lucknow, the arrival of monsoon is expected by the weekend. However, it can hit the city even earlier, if currents continued to advance at a similar pace, as they had been in last two days. In fact, light showers and cloudy sky in the city on Tuesday indicated that the monsoon is on the right track. State Met director JP Gupta, who had predicted advancement of monsoon towards UP, said that the weather will remain cloudy and humid with possibilities of rainfall in some areas during next 24-48 hours. Monsoon is also expected to enter the state in next two days and the city latest by weekend, he added. The only thing which can stop advancement of monsoon is weakening of the low pressure area over the Bay of Bengal.

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