Uttar Pradesh (UP) Budget 2013-14 Highlights

Uttar Pradesh (UP) Budget 2013-14 Highlights: Uttar Pradesh (UP) Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav presented a tax free all please Budget for 2013-14. The budget size pegged at Rs 2,21,201.19 crore shows Rs 1,67,892.20 crore under revenue expenditure and Rs 53,308.99 crore under capital expenditure. The debt burden of the state has almost doubled in the last nine financial years. While the debt burden of the state was at Rs 1,21,126.55 crore in the financial year 2004-05, it rose to Rs 2,19,304.01 crore in the ongoing 2012-13 financial year. As per the estimates, the state would be required to pay Rs 17,054.54 crore as interest on debt during the current fiscal. This would be 8.1 percent of the total Budget size.
UP Budget 2012-13 Highlights:
* UP Budget 2013-14 size = Rs 2,21,201 Crore.
* Budget 2013-14 includes 219 new schemes of Rs 7,787 crores.
* No New Taxes in Budget 2013-14
* New model government co-education degree colleges in 36 districts. 
* New Sainik School will be set up in the state.
* One New Govt. Engineering college in every division of the state.
* Paediatric institute in Gorakhpur. 
* Metro rail in Lucknow.
For Full Budget in PDF Visit: http://budget.up.nic.in/


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