Patna Vihar Bird Sanctuary

Patna Vihar Bird Sanctuary: The Patna Bird Sanctuary, located at Jalesar sub division of Etah district, is spread over an area of 108 hactare . This resort was given recognition as a protected sanctuary in the year 1991. Ornithologists have reported about 300 different species of exotic birds with multicolour plumes clustering here for roosting and breeding during the peak season of winter months. These winged visitors start migrating back when hot weather conditions set in during the month of March. The scenic beauty of the sanctuary with intertwined date trees provides a topographic atmosphere akin to Goa, in Uttar Pradesh. Besides the migratory birds, Patna Bird Sanctuary is a permanent abode for local birds also, which abound all through the year. For long it has been a favourite breeding centre for a large number of migratory birds. An old and historic temple dedicated to Lord Shiva attracts thousands of pilgrims for spiritual pursuits. The entire lake area gets covered by profuse growth of macrophytic vegetation of water hyacinth and Potamogeton sp. during summers. The water quality of lake supports wide range of avifauna during winter season.


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