Uttar Pradesh GK Question Paper 3

Uttar Pradesh (UP) GK Question in Hindi Sample Paper 3: Uttar Pradesh (UP) General Knowledge Sample Question Paper with Collection of 10 Quiz from Uttar Pradesh (UP) GK . Uttar Pradesh (UP) General Knowledge (GK) and General Studies (GS) Questions from various examinations of Uttar Pradesh (UP) Govt. and central Govt. Here is collection of Uttar Pradesh (UP) GK Quiz in PDF Format for free download on Best website for Uttar Pradesh (UP) GK in India. Candidates ca download Uttar Pradesh (UP) GK Sample paper in PDF Format for free from below website link.
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Uttar Pradesh GK Question Paper 3
Q.1 When was Uttaranchal separated from Uttar Pradesh?
A. 14 March 1975
B. 12 April 1964
C. 7 July 1999
D. 8 November 2000
Answer: D

Q.2 North America's tallest peak Mt. McKinley renamed  as ......... ?
A. Mount Marry
B. Pinnacle
C. Denali
D. Atlantica
Answer: C 

Q.3 In India, the steel production industry requires the import of
A. Saltpetre
B. Rock phosphate
C. Coking coal
D. All of the above
Answer. C

Q.4 How many districts are there in Uttar Pradesh?
A. 69
B. 72
C. 71
D. 75
Answer: D

Q.5 Bharat Kala Bhawan Museum is situated in
A. Agra
B. Lucknow
C. Allahabad
D. Varanasi
Answer: D

Q.6 With which of the following country's collaboration will 'Tehri Dam Project' be completed in the State?
A. Germany
B. Britain
C. Italy
D. Soviet Russia
Answer: D

Q.7 By which of the following names is the religious place Varanasi not known in Uttar Pradesh?
A. Banaras
B. Kashi
C. Vishwanathpuri
D. Suryanagar
Answer: D

Q.8 Who of the following prime ministers of India was not born in Uttar Pradesh?
A. P. V. Narasimha Rao
B. Lal Bahardur Shastri
C. Charan Singh
D. Chandra Shekhar
Answer: A

Q.9 Which of the following pairs is wrong?
A. Thumra-dance song
B. Sanjeeni-romantic song
C. Lehchari-festival
D. Kharatitiya-festival
Answer: C

Q.10 In which city of the State is Pura Banaspati Birbal Sahani Institute situated?
A. Saharanpur
B. Kanpur
C. Lucknow
D. Jhansi
Answer: C


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