Uttar Pradesh GK Question Paper 12

Uttar Pradesh (UP) GK Question in Hindi Sample Paper 12: Uttar Pradesh (UP) General Knowledge Sample Question Paper with Collection of 10 Quiz from Uttar Pradesh (UP) GK. Uttar Pradesh (UP) General Knowledge (GK) and General Studies (GS) Questions from various examinations like UPPSC, UPSC, UP Police, Teachers, Patwari and other exam of Uttar Pradesh (UP) Govt. and central Govt. Here is collection of Uttar Pradesh (UP) GK Quiz in PDF Format for free download on Best website for Uttar Pradesh (UP) GK in India. Candidates ca download Uttar Pradesh (UP) GK Sample paper in PDF Format for free from below website link.
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Uttar Pradesh GK Question Paper 12
Q.1. Dhyan Chand was born in  .... city of Uttar Pradesh
A. Kanpur
B. Allahabad
C. Jhansi
D. Meerut
Answer: B

Q.2. As of 2011, recorded forest area in the state is....
A. 16,580 km2
B. 16,581 km2 
C. 16,582 km2
D. 16,583 km2

Q.3. Jantar Mantar, an astronomical observatory was constructed in Delhi by—
A. Akbar
B. Shah Jahan
C. Surajmal of Bharatpur
D. Jaisingh II of Jaipur
Answer: D

Q.4. Arrange the visits of the following foreign travellers in India in chronological order—
1. Ibn Batuta
2. Marcopolo
3. Vasco-de-Gama
4. William Hawkins
Select your answer using the code given below—
Codes :
A. 1, 2, 4, 3
B. 2, 1, 3, 4
C. 3, 4, 2, 1
D. 4, 3, 1, 2
Answer: B

Q.5. The Queen’s Proclamation for better government of India was announced in 1858 by Lord Canning at a darbar held at—
A. Allahabad
B. Calcutta
C. Delhi
D. Lucknow
Answer: A

Q.6. Which is the State bird of UP?
A. Peacock
B. Monal
C. Sarus crane
D. Peigon
Answer: C

Q.7. Which of the following leaders took active part in British Parliamentary debates against ‘economic drain’ of India’s wealth ?
A. Pherozeshah Mehta
B. R. C. Dutta
C. Dadabhai Naoroji
D. Shyamji Krishna Verma
Answer: C

Q.8. ‘Vande Mataram’ became the theme song of India’s struggle for independence during—
A. Swadeshi Movement
B. Champaran Movement
C. Non-Cooperation Movement
D. Civil Disobedience Movement
Answer: A

Q.9. Madam Blavatsky was associated with—
A. Prarthana Samaj
B. Arya Samaj
C. Theosophical Society
D. Servants of India Society
Answer: C

Q.10. In ... year the Taj Mahal became a UNESCO World Heritage Site
A. 1981
B. 1982
C. 1983
D. 1984
Answer: C


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