Uttar Pradesh GK Question Paper 22

Uttar Pradesh (UP) GK Question Sample Paper 22: Uttar Pradesh (UP) General Knowledge Sample Question Paper with Collection Objective Questions based on UPPSC Lekhpal Exam Paper 2016. You can Download Complete Solved Exam Papers on "INDIA GK" Free Mobile App. Uttar Pradesh GK website www.upgk.in offers UP General Knowledge (GK), UP Current Affairs for various examinations like UPPSC, UPSC, UP Police, Teachers, Patwari and other exam of Uttar Pradesh (UP) Govt. and central Govt.  
Uttar Pradesh (UP) GK Question Sample Paper 22:
in which year was the Uttar Pradesh road side land control act passed
A. 1945
B. 1947
C. 1952
D. 1956
Answer: A

what is the level of annual family income set in the ninth five year 1997-2002 for BPL in rural areas
A. 20000
B. 18000
C. 25000
D. 28000
Answer:  A

Its is easier to roll a stone up sloping road  than to lift it vertically upward  because
A. work done in roll the stone is more then in lifting it
B. work in lifting the stone is equal to rolling it
C. work done in rolling the stone in less than in lifting it
D. work done in both is same but the rate of doing work is less in rolling
Answer: C

Pulses are a good  source of
A. carbohydrate
B. fates
C. proteins
D. Vitamins
Answer: C

the social forestry program aims at the large scale tree plantation in all the following area expect
A. along road and railway tracks
B. in degrade forest reserved
C. On common land unsuitable for cropping
D. in urban industries estate
Answer: C

what is uttar pradesh rank among the state of Indian in term of area
A. second
B. third
C. fourth
D. fifth
Answer:  D

how many major division does uttar pradesh have along with 75 distt
A. 18  
B. 23  
C. 27  
D. 32
Answer:  A

What is know as the soul of the constitution
A. preamble
B. fundamental right
C. directive principal of state policy
D. national Flag
Answer: B

In the fourth week of June 2015 , a pact on waste management was signed  between two entrepreneur several civic bodies in
A. Kerala
B. Assam  
C. Gujarat  
D. Maharashtra
Answer: B

what does NPP stands for
A. national Population program
B. national population project
C. nation population policy
D. national population production
Answer: C

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