Narendra Modi addresses Parivartan rally in Allahabad

Prime Minister Narendra Modi called upon people of Uttar Pradesh to get rid of nepotism, criminal activities, casteism, and corruption for 'Vikas Yagna' in the state. He was addressing 'Parivartan Rally' at Allahabad on Monday. Development of Uttar Pradesh was at the core of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's address at Allahabad's parade ground soon after the conclusion of the BJP's national executive meet.
Throughout his nearly one-hour address, Prime Minister Modi maintained the cure of all of UP's ills is development and if Uttar Pradesh's progress picks up pace, nothing can stop India from becoming the top country in the world. Beginning his address by hailing mother India, Prime Minister Modi appealed to all to end goodaraj, nepotism, casteism, corruption and other ills in Uttar Pradesh. Prime Minister Modi reached out to the people of Uttar Pradesh to end the cycle of power changing hands every 5 years between SP and BSP. He sought change for the state in BJP's favour in 2017. Prime Minister Modi stressed on the work his govt has done in the last 2 years for youth.


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