Kam Bolta Hai Video by Samajwadi Party

Samajwadi Party launches Kam Bolta Hai (काम बोलता है) promotional video. Samajwadi Party issued this video on official page of party www.facebook.com/samajwadiparty and twitter with hashtag #कामबोलताहै to highlights the development work done by Akhilesh Yadav government in last 4 years. Samajwadi Party video covers Expressway, International football stadium, four lane for district headquarters international cricket stadium with 50000 capacity, Lucknow Metro project to emphasis on work lecture. 

Watch Kam Bolta Hai Video: https://youtu.be/wqWJiI11iqs

Kam Bolta Hai Video by Samajwadi Party definitely completes it motive that for doing real VIKAS, there is no need of Big Lecture (Bhashan) and aggressive Rally. You can pass this message through such cute video of just 43 seconds. 


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