CM Yogi addresses Start Up Yatra 2017

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath ji has said that in India, a country with a huge population, Start Up programme can not only generate employment and self-employment but can also add new pace to development. Without introducing new changes and creating opportunities, no development is possible, he added while saying that Start Up is a thought, an idea which when given shape can realize the dreams and aspirations of the youth. He also said that Uttar Pradesh was a big state with a large population of youngsters and reiterated the commitment of his government to make the Start Up programme a success.
The Chief Minister expressed these views while speaking at the inauguration of the Start Up Yatra, 2017 at the Scientific Convention Centre on 30th August 2017. He also said that no society can prosper till all sections are given opportunities. Pointing out how as per the Rishi tradition there is no letter which cannot be transformed into a Mantra. Similarly there is no plant which cannot be used as medicine. He added that the need is to provide a facilitator to make the talent useful for the society. 
He also underlined that the Start Up programme is a form of the Rishi tradition and said that team spirit was must for progress. The Start Up Yatra has been started in 15 districts. Yogi ji also said that Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi ji has understood the responsibility of the Society and the Nation. It was for this reason that the State Government was making efforts to ensure that benefits of development are accrued by the last man standing on the social ladder. The Chief Minister also informed that for the Start Up project, the State Government has arranged for a corpus fund of Rs 1000 crore and in the coming days an MoU for this would be signed with the SIDBI. To encourage the programme, a call centre and a policy implementation app would also be launched. He added that this programme will realize the dream of 'Ek Bharat, Shreshtha Bharat'. The need of the hour, he said, was to make education pragmatic, people self reliant and stop the brain drain through Start Up programme.

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